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Agency Pitch Deck Series - Analytics, Brand & Course Packs (2)



Agency Pitch Deck Series - Analytics, Build Brand Awareness & Course Packs (2)


Pitch decks are one of the best resources marketers have to get the message across to new or existing clients. Last week, we covered just a small sampling of what’s available. The sheer amount of quality free pitch deck help you can find online is astounding, and the nice folks at Google are one of the key assets you’ll find during your searches.


Take a look at this week’s offerings and feel free to download and customize any that you’d like. These are completely free to use and manipulate, so it’s only good business to download each for safekeeping. Here’s the list to choose from:



Build Brand Awareness

Course packs

Hope you find these useful, more to come in the coming weeks, have something to add feel free to make a comment below! 


Have a great week! 

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I'm Spencer Wade - strategist, designer, manager of people and ideas. Platinum Top Contributor for Google Search, G+ & AdWords - TC Mentor too. I’m the founder of Lift Conversions, a Google Partner agency, located in Chicago. I’ve completed Google’s tests - Search, Display, Video, Analytics, & Mobile, and enjoy being a part of the forums. My agency is also an Official City Partner in the Get Your Business Online effort with Instant Verifier access to help immediately verify business listings.

Julia_Muller Top Contributor
October 2016

Hi @Spencer, great catalogue of free pitch resources!


On that note, are you aware of any "demo" accounts for AdWords? Similar to a GA demo account perhaps.

Spencer_Wade Top Contributor
October 2016
Hey Julia Thanks for stopping by, more to come. Pretty busy right now sorry for the delay. I just sent you the compete list of Pitch decks to help speed up your request... Hope all is well! Cheers...
Julia_Muller Top Contributor
October 2016

Thanks, Spencer. What I am looking for isn't on the list unfortunately. Have you by any chance come accross an AdWords demo account before? I haven't, not sure it exists. Wanted your opinion Smiley Wink

Spencer_Wade Top Contributor
October 2016

Hey Julia,

No problem, AdWords Demo account would be nice, I didnt find anything specific to your request, seeing how Analytics has opened this option maybe AdWords will as well.


This would be great feedback for the teams!