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Agency Pitch Deck Series (6) Mobile, Buyer, Optimize, Pitch, Awareness, Production & Targets

Agency Pitch Deck Series (6) Mobile, Buyer, Optimize, Pitch, Awareness, Production & Targets




(Due to an unforeseen shuffle by Google, many of the pitch decks in this collection have been moved to different locations or removed altogether. The links are no longer reliable so if you’re having trouble finding one just click the Insights Tab on the left of your Partners portal. If you don’t see your deck in the list once it opens, you can search for the deck by its title in the search bar on the Partners page or in a normal Google search. I considered closing the series completely, but some of the links that were no-functioning yesterday are working fine today. In hopes that someone may still benefit from this series, I've decided to finish it off so that all who wish to participate have a chance to.

There are few things more important to the survival of any marketing agency than its ability to close deals with potential clients. Those potential deals represent the stability an agency needs to grow, so their value cannot be overestimated. In an attempt to help agencies land those all-important clients, Google has created agency pitch decks that are downloadable, free to use, and fully customizable so you can adapt them specifically to your current needs.


Any good marketer knows a good deal when they see one and this is a very good deal. Even if these decks don’t exactly fit your needs, they are an invaluable resource as templates for your own decks. When a billion-dollar entity creates something using their intellectual input and market understanding, then turns around and gives it away completely free of charge, you would be wise to take whatever they’re offering. This week they’re offering the following:





Media Buyer



Optimize Media Mix



Performance Marketing

Pitch Material


Product Awareness






Reach Target Customers


Hope these help, I tried to go through and remove the bad links. I hope you find these useful. 


Have a great week! 


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