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Agency Pitch Deck Final Series (All)

Agency Pitch Deck Final Series (All)




If you’ve ever been responsible for presenting your ideas for consideration by your clients or in-house management, then you know how invaluable a good pitch deck can be to a successful effort. Knowing what to include, and exclude, can mean the difference between approval and rejection, so it’s only common sense to keep an eye out for any and all resources you can use to refine and sharpen your message and its delivery.


That’s where Google’s agency pitch decks come in. They’ve provided a broad range of decks you can download and customize to your heart’s content – and all for the incredibly low price of nothing! Unfortunately, since we began this series, Google has decided to remove some of the decks and shuffle up the rest. It seemed only fair to post the remainder here for any interested parties:


(Some of these links are no longer reliable so if you’re having trouble finding one just click on the Insights Tab on the left of your Partners portal. If you don’t see your deck in the list once it opens, you can search for the deck by its title in the search bar on the Partners page or in a normal Google search.)


Account Manager

Account Planner


Build Brand Awareness

Course packs


Cross Channel


Drive Innovation

Drive Online Conversion

Engage Your Audience


Continued on post 2. Thanks everyone for stopping by, I hope you find the collection useful.

Have a great week! 


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I'm Spencer Wade - strategist, designer, manager of people and ideas. Platinum Top Contributor for Google Search, G+ & AdWords - TC Mentor too. I’m the founder of Lift Conversions, a Google Partner agency, located in Chicago. I’ve completed Google’s tests - Search, Display, Video, Analytics, & Mobile, and enjoy being a part of the forums. My agency is also an Official City Partner in the Get Your Business Online effort with Instant Verifier access to help immediately verify business listings.

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November 2016 - last edited November 2016

Improve Customer Loyalty

Improve ROI

Increase Offline Sales

Increase Sales

Measure and Analyze Results



Media Buyer 


Optimize Media Mix 


Performance Marketing

Pitch Material

Product Awareness


Reach Target Customers 

Sales Rep


Search Specialist


Understand Consumer Behavior


November 2016

This was a great series.  I really enjoyed reading it.  Can't wait for the new "series."  Smiley Happy

November 2016

This was a great series.  I really enjoyed reading it.  Can't wait for the new "series."  Smiley Happy

Spencer_Wade Top Contributor
November 2016

Thanks @Tony_Guo trying to keep up with you and all your great shared content!