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Agency Actions: Jump Into Community Care

If you’ve recently started a new business, you might be worrying and wondering where your new customers are. Know this: your situation is not unique. It takes time to connect ideas with operations and pull in new customers. What you need are projects to perfect your skills and gain exposure.


This is where Community Care comes to your rescue.  


Community Care is vitally important for local brand-building. Instead of sitting idle when orders are not present, research credible charities in your community. Go to them and offer your services at no charge.


What? Work for free?


Realize what free means in this context. Profiting financially is not the only way to profit. Your new business needs what these community partners can provide.    


When you donate your services to a credible charity, you have the chance to put your team, skills and processes to the test. Embrace the challenge as an opportunity for refinement. Understand that you are establishing a valuable connection with people who are vetted and trusted in your community. This is quality exposure. And if your website is listed on their website, it will help with your local SEO, too.


Community care benefits you and strengthens the community you call home... allowing it to better care for you.


Invitations are another benefit of Community Care. Happy clients who enjoy working with you will invite you to events and celebrations. These are great showcases for you to talk to people about your company. Getting to know people without the pressure of a formal sales appointment is a big plus for potential clients who would not otherwise seek out your services.


Charities at the local level tend to be operated by close, friendly groups with like-minded sensibilities. The directors are usually local business owners and community leaders who, like you, are donating their time and resources. You will be appreciated when they see your invoices marked “no charge,” or “donation.” Hearing your name in this positive light is excellent public relations for your business.


Help yourself while you’re out and about in your community by utilizing these suggestions:


1) Always have a high-quality business card.

2) Be friendly, polite, and professional. Be gracious.

3) Have a rehearsed, 15-word sentence that clearly defines who you are and what you do.

4) If appropriate, wear a shirt with your logo on it.


Remember that when you perform Community Care work, you should handle the entire project as a paid project, even though it is not. Transparency with regard to how much you have donated is good for everyone. Send an itemized bill but include a donation/credit line that wipes the bill clean with $0 amount due.


New business owners need Community Care projects and the client referrals that go with them. Business functions and other community events can be awkward if you have nothing good to share about your business. So instead of saying nothing at all or stating that you are new and looking for work, tell them how your business got involved and made a contribution.


If you have any tips, tricks or interesting thoughts to add to this discussion, please do.


Best Wishes on Your Unique Journey, 



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