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Agency Actions: Goals, Goals, Goals!

Welcome to the Google Partners community. We are a friendly group of advertising professionals who love to get digital and build out intelligent advertising for our clients. What we do is creative, engaging, and very rewarding when we achieve great results.


Without great results, we are simply being creative and engaging, and that might be great for playtime, but it’s not enough for business. If you are to remain relevant to your clients, you must be completely focused on great results.


How do we know when great results happen?


We know by defining a goal!


A successful advertising campaign starts with the very first step: defining the advertising goal. Do you want more phone calls? Do you want more website traffic? Do you want a form filled out on your contact page? Do you want to sell more yellow widgets? Do you want more brand exposure to people living in your zip code? These are examples of the types of defined goals that represent what you must complete in order to satisfy your client. 


Goals steer what we do and how we do it. Without knowing what the goal is, we are throwing darts at a blank wall. Which means that pretty much anything we hit could be deemed an acceptable target. Without a bull’s-eye, there is no measure of whether our aim was acceptable or exceptional. But there is a vast amount of difference between being acceptable and being exceptional. I want you to be exceptional!


Once you know what the goal is, you can devise a strategy.


A smart advertiser multiplies their clients’ money by putting their advertising budget to work with the correct advertising action. This is essentially our mission as an advertising agency.  


Google AdWords works beautifully with Google Analytics so that you can achieve this successful dynamic. 


  • Google AdWords allows you to provide distinctive campaigns. Its features are designed to accomplish specific advertising goals.
  • Google Analytics allows you to track activity in many different formats and viewpoints so that you can identify and capture the results of your advertising actions.


By putting these systems to work, you will be able to design a successful advertising strategy and make adjustments throughout the journey that keep your client’s goals at the forefront of their campaign.


Then, when your advertising satisfies those pre-defined goals, you will have objective data to show for it. The success you bring to your clients will be a rewarding reflection of your strategic efforts.  


Please enjoy the process and let us know what you discover. Have some additional tips or tricks related to this article? Share them here and help others obtain more success from AdWords.


Best wishes on your unique journey,



about James Clemens

J. Clemens, Panama City Beach, FL -- I am a Google AdWords, Analytics and Mobile Sites Certified Individual serving businesses throughout the United States. My agency, Mica Specialties, is a Google Partner and technology consultancy involved in all aspects of marketing, web development, computer design, and IT services. Mica Specialties was founded in 1992 with deep roots in product design. I am an avid fan of Alphabet (and their products) and enjoy learning while helping others.

John Anderson

Thank you for this post!  You make a great point about setting and defining goals upfront.  That takes away a lot of guess work and gets everyone on the same page.  

James_Clemens Top Contributor

Hi John,


You are very welcome. I am pleased to hear it was of value to you. 





abdallah h

well let my say that this post really made me understand alot although I'm having such a hard time determining the best strategy for Each of My Clients. 

James_Clemens Top Contributor

Hi @abdallah h,


Glad to hear it has you thinking as that  was my intent.