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Agency Actions: Environmental Haze

Welcome back to the Google Partners community.


Today I would like to present the next article in the Agency Actions series. The purpose of this series is to encourage effective actions that will yield better performance from your team. And while the series is geared toward advertising agencies, the suggestions can be applied to any business in any industry anywhere.  


Last month’s article, “Amp It Up,” focused on the people of your team. It presented key elements for motivating and fueling higher team performance. Having high team motivation is vital to your company’s overall performance.


This month’s focus is on another component of a motivated team: their working environment. Think about how you feel when placed in an environment that irritates you. I call this environmental haze. It affects the quality and speed of what you create within it. Now multiply that by the number of workers on your team and bemoan the sheer loss of greatness lost to environmental haze. 



Ouch, my back hurts! My wrist is sore! There is no absolute requirement for what an office will provide by way of a work surface and chair and so most offices really drop the ball in this area. This is unfortunate and shortsighted, because when a person is properly supported in their chair and correctly aligned with their work surface, the quality and quantity of the person’s work is much better.


Air Temperatures

I’m freezing! I’m burning up! If this sounds like your office, the energy of your team is evaporating. Help each worker find the right balance. A small space heater, a redirection of air conditioning vents, a second thermostat to the air conditioning system-- these are easy and effective solutions.



I can’t stand that song! That buzzing sound is driving me bonkers! Sounds can be aggravating nuisances in a work place. Even the most concentrated worker can be disrupted by a loud bang or the buzz of an overhead light fixture. Eliminate irritating sounds and increase the performance of your team.   



Yuck! That smell is giving me a headache! Whether a smell is good or bad can be rather personal but one thing is certain: smells have a profound influence on our wellbeing and attitude. Avoid rousing someone’s sensitivities to fragrance by not wearing perfume or cologne. Fresh, clean air is the ideal. Next to that, essential oils like peppermint, lemon or orange are much better than a room freshener.


Color & Style

Bleck! That wall is the worst! Colors and styles can be motivating or depressing. Evaluate your work space and be sure to give your team the best chance for success. A professional, pleasant workspace will affect your team’s attitude, and therefore, their projects. It’s a small investment that will reflect onto the quality of your team.


In conclusion, consider enhancing performance and profits by clearing up any environmental haze. Your workers are your All-Stars, on the field playing to win. Give them every advantage. Remove every hindrance.


If you have additional points to ponder on this subject, please post them up here for further review. I hope you will check back in April for the next step in this monthly series.  


Best wishes on your unique journey,


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