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Adwordstein: Using Experiments in AdWords

A feature that I often see go underutilized within AdWords is our Experiments feature in the Settings tab of your campaigns. In the online advertising space, every little decision can make or break your campaign success. Imagine being able to get a "taste test" of a major change before widescale implementation, or test the waters with a new landing page that you've developed for your ads. Campaign experiments allow you to dedicate a small percentage of your current auction to a new keyword, ad, or ad group change in order to test it's success before you change the whole campaign over.

There are a few great ways to use Experiments, so here are a few that I've seen successfully implemented:

1) Compared Landing Pages: Marketing team can't decide which landing page has that consumer-grabbing pizzazz? Use both! Set up separate ad groups with similar ads that lead to both Landing Page A and Landing Page B, then set up a campaign experiment to split traffic evenly between two ad groups. Compare CTR or conversions on the two landing pages post-experiment to see on which page your consumers converted more frequently.

2) Display Network Placements: Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether placements on certain websites will be profitable or worthwhile investments. Consider creating duplicate ad groups in a Display Campaign, but adding "experimental" managed placements to the second ad group to test their profitability. You'll be able to see whether your ad group performs better with or without these experimental placements at the end of the experiment.

3) Keyword Match Types: Do you want to test a highly-focused exact match ad group without sacrificing a broad match-focused brand awareness campaign? Dedicate a portion of your experimental traffic to an exact match keyword list in a second ad group to see whether or not your customers are searching exactly for your keyword phrases or not. This can help you determine if your prior brand awareness tactics have worked, or whether you should continue using broad match to widen the mouth of your campaign.

Experiements are a great way to dip your toe in the water of a new change without committing fully. Check out our Experiments help center article if you'd like to learn more about what you can and cannot test:

From the Google floor to you, best of luck in all of your advertising and have a wonderful rest of your day!

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