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Ads Added by Google.




You may have recently noticed something happening inside your Adwords accounts more specifically your Ads themselves in fact since January Google has been at it again with another update to add to your arsenal to ensure you are bringing the most value to your clients, except this time they are adding them for you! (Don't panic, I think this is a good thing so far...).

What are Ads Added by AdWords?

Ads Added by AdWords is a new Google pilot in which Google writes new ad variations for you that are designed to improve your performance. Here’s the AdWords help page.

Google claims that adding more ads to ad groups can improve performance between 5 and 15 percent.

Advertisers began receiving notifications about the program around Jan. 12. If you haven’t received an email from Google, then you aren’t in the program.


This is quite easy to see. Any ads AdWords has added have their own green label. Here’s a screenshot:


For the initial test, Ads Added by AdWords were created and reviewed by people on Google’s product and sales teams, not machines. The way Google is generating these ads is becoming totally automated. Which scares me a little bit I am not going to lie especially if they are going to start pulling ad copy from landing pages.


Can You Stop These From Being Built In Your Account?

Yes, you can opt out of having these ads being automatically built inside your AdWords account aAll you have to do is fill out this formYou can also pause or remove any ads already built inside your account. Google by default has the ads going live so make sure you check your account often and ensure you are showing labels in your columns.


Pros: For smaller advertisers with less stringent ad copy requirements, this could be helpful and eliminate some work associated with creating multiple ad texts.


How long will the Ads added by AdWords run?

I recommended that you leave the Ads Added by AdWords run indefinitely to monitor the performance. However, you may pause or remove them at any point.


Are there additional costs to running the Ads Added by AdWords?

Ads Added by AdWords behave the same way as an ad provided by you. If your ads are optimized for clicks or conversions, Google automatically displays your better-performing ads more, so your ad group may perform better as a result of participating in the program. Learn how costs are calculated in AdWords.


How do Ads by AdWords impact my existing ads?

If your account is set to optimize for clicks or conversions, it is unlikely that the affected ad group’s performance will be negatively impacted. This setting ensures that Google shows the best matching ad for each search. It is possible that the new ads added by AdWords will show on searches where the ads provided by you were not showing before.


I recommend you keep as many versions running simultaneously as possible to maximize each ad group’s performance.


You don’t have to make any changes to your existing ads. It’s recommended that you don’t pause your existing ads during this pilot. You can pause or remove the Ads Added by AdWords at any point.


Like anything new I highly suggest testing these new Ads out, they take on the same ad extensions and campaign settings, if you are using custom tracking parameters or a tracking template at the account level you don't need to worry about changing anything.


Are you seeing these Ads in your account? If so, what are your first thoughts or experience with this new feature from Google? Please leave your comments below.


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Spencer_Wade Top Contributor
March 2017

Seems like something good for smaller advertisers like you stated, but we've opted out for the most part.... I am curious to see how these all work out! 

Shanee_Kirk Top Contributor
March 2017

Cool!  I haven't see this yet!