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AdWords Tip: Dimensions – It’s a Goblet Full of Gold


When I think back over many conversations with business owners, advertising agencies and AdWords professionals, there is one feature that I often find overlooked when digging into the performance of an account. And sadly, it is a very powerful feature that everyone needs to use.


That feature is the Dimensions tab.


The Dimensions tab lets you slice and dice your data by the dimension of your choice across an ad group, a campaign, or your entire account. You can use Dimensions to view statistics that cut across other AdWords tabs. For example, you can view your total stats by month, hour, or geographic region. You can customize your table to compare your total clicks in January across ad groups, or see individual cities where your clicks came from. -AdWords


Doesn’t this sound pretty awesome? It really is!


I hope you are going there now to see what I am talking about. If you are, you will notice that when it firsts loads, there is a dashboard with days and several metrics that are tracked for each day. The precise columns you see will depend on whether you are using the default column layout or custom columns.


If you click on the Columns drop down menu, you can actually customize the data to best fit your needs. This is a very valuable ability with all of the various tabs (campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, etc.) in your AdWords dashboard. I will cover those in the near future but for now, we are going to stay on track with the Dimensions tab.


As you look at the dashboard for your Dimensions, just take in the data for a moment and you will realize how enlightening it all really is. You can change the date range in the top right hand corner of the page and see more days, if you are not seeing all that you need or want. And if you click on the View Change History tab, you will be taken to a history report showing the changes you or anyone else has made with the account. (You can also see the history report by clicking on Tools in the upper menu bar and then clicking on Change History.)


Let’s get back to the dashboard data with Dimensions. You can see how many clicks took place on each day, as well as each day’s impressions, click through ratio, average cost per click, daily cost, average position, conversions, cost per conversion, conversion rate, and much more, depending on your custom column setup.


Another useful feature about Dimensions is that it works on a campaign and/or ad group level, depending on what you have selected from the left hand menu bar.


Do you see how important the Dimensions tab is? As I like to say, it’s a goblet full of gold… and it really is!


But wait, there’s more.


Oh yes, even though I have presented more than enough evidence for you to not just use Dimensions, but to love it, I have more reasons that I think will make you an active user and advocate, too.


As you are looking at the Dimensions dashboard, you will see View: Day, which is another drop down menu. This is where the data world of AdWords performance kicks in with rocket power. You can pick from several amazingly-great categories to review.


Dimensions’ Categories

  • Conversions
  • Labels
  • Time
  • Destination URL
  • Final URL
  • Top Movers
  • Geographic
  • User Location
  • Distance
  • Search Terms
  • Paid & Organic
  • Automatic Placements
  • Free Clicks
  • Call Details
  • Campaign Details
  • Ad Group Details


I hope you are grasping the data-power in your command and that you will start to consider all of the implications and uses for the data. It’s really useful for optimizing future performance, at the very least. Yes, you will find that it allows you to reduce costs while increasing performance. Now that is something you, your AdWords account, and your client will absolutely benefit from.


As with all of the information I present to you through Google, it is meant to expand your understanding of their great products, while improving performance for your clients. When these two events happen, it’s a win-win situation for all.


Best Wishes on Your Unique Journey,



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