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Academy for Ads - Series 8 - AdWords Mobile


Again Google has stepped up and given users of the Partners platform an Insights Tab that can help them learn all about AdWords and online advertising. Even as a seasoned pro, you can still brush up your skills and earn some new badges. Who doesn't like badges? Follow the link, sign up, and dive into the first lesson!


The eighth category available is AdWords Mobile. There are some great videos to watch here - all with the aim of teaching you something new about ads and their online uses. It's also a great primer for new hires! This is all knowledge each Partner should have, but why not flex your expertise and get a badge?


Mobile opens onto three subcategories:

I'm sure you'll find the modules useful - no matter your skill level. It's just another great gift to digital marketers and small agencies from the thoughtful folks at Google! And did I mention the badges? We'll take a look at more offerings next week!


Featured Activities:

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AdWords Mobile



  • Modify bids by device to meet your advertising goals
  • See how universal app campaigns simply and effectively drive app installs
  • See how conversion tracking gives you insight into mobile app advertising

Adjust bids by device


Device bid adjustments allow advertisers to easily and efficiently reach customers while giving them more control to set individual bids for each device type — mobile, computers, and tablets.


Get results with universal app campaigns

Universal app campaigns are an easy way to drive app installs. Set up a single campaign to reach users across Search, Display, and YouTube. Universal app campaigns automatically optimize to get you maximum installs, without you doing the heavy lifting.



Measure the success of your app campaign


App conversion tracking helps you measure the effectiveness of your AdWords mobile app campaigns. Find out how many users installed your app or made in-app purchases as a result of your advertising.


Next week we’ll cover the last category in the list!

  • Programmatic Fundamentals

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are learning new skills and having fun in the process. Have a great week everyone.  

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