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Academy for Ads - Series 5 - Creative


Again Google has stepped up and given users of the Partners platform an Insights Tab that can help them learn all about AdWords and online advertising. Even as a seasoned pro, you can still brush up your skills and earn some new badges. Who doesn't like badges? Follow the link, sign up, and dive into the first lesson!


Featured Activities:

Get Started with Ad Exchange: Link to Previous post: https://goo.gl/cNniFV 

Get Started with AdWordsLink to Previous post: https://goo.gl/l3tQBH

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Get Started with Google Web Designer 

Get Started with Video for Brand


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Creative: Link to Previous post: https://goo.gl/8bIUOp 
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My List Access: Home, Catalog, Upcoming, My List, History, Partners, Help Center, Feedback



The fifth category available is Creative. There are some great videos to watch here - all with the aim of teaching you something new about ads and their online uses. It's also a great primer for new hires! This is all knowledge each Partner should have, but why not flex your expertise and get a badge?


Creative Categories:

Data-driven creatives tailor ads to people



Find Creative training - Help Center



Get started with Dynamic Creatives



Get the basics of Google creative formats



Running dynamic creative campaigns



Tailor one creative to many audiences


Creative opens into subcategories:

I'm sure you'll find the modules useful - no matter your skill level. It's just another great gift to digital marketers and small agencies from the thoughtful folks at Google! And did I mention the badges? We'll take a look at more offerings next week!


Find Creative training - Help Center

Fundamentals training, learning checklists, videos, and Studio Certification

Next week we’ll cover another in the list!

  • DoubleClick Search
  • Google Web Designer
  • Google Mobile
  • Programmatic

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have all had the chance to review and learn someting new, see you all next week! 

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I'm Spencer Wade - strategist, designer, manager of people and ideas. Platinum Top Contributor for Google Search, G+ & AdWords - TC Mentor too. I’m the founder of Lift Conversions, a Google Partner agency, located in Chicago. I’ve completed Google’s tests - Search, Display, Video, Analytics, & Mobile, and enjoy being a part of the forums. My agency is also an Official City Partner in the Get Your Business Online effort with Instant Verifier access to help immediately verify business listings.

Aaron Metosky
April 2017



For some reason, I'm having a few issues w/ my new 'g suite' business email domain.


1. connecting my partners acct (have passed all the adwords certs & analytics certs) to my company

2. getting my business verified postcard in the mail

3. connecting my adwords acct to my google my business/company acct (i use the same email)

4. there are 4 'academy for ads' badges that aren't displaying, even though i have screenshots that show that i have passed them.


i'm attaching the 4 images of the badges that aren't showing up.


4 that aren't showing up:

1. campaign manager

2. bid manager

3. mobile campaign manager

4. video campaign manager





thank you sir

aaronunnamed-4.pngunnamed-3.pngBid Manager Badge.pngCampaign Manager Badge.png

Spencer_Wade Top Contributor
April 2017
Hello @Aaron Metosky, I see your post but since it has contact information, I didnt approve it to eliminate you getting spammed but will try and answer your question. When did you take the tests in question that are not displaying? Did this just happen after changing to GSuite? There could be a small delay in when the badge poulates. Alos if you have any issue while in the system look at the feedback option which will talk directly to the teams involved. You may not get a response but always when an issue arises sharing it with the right teams will help speed up the update process.