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7 tips to improve your AdWords Investment

7 tips to improve your AdWords Investment (In no particular order)


1. Understand the value of negative keywords - AdWords offers all the keywords that costed you a click, make sure that your keywords are not triggering traffic that you don’t want. This will not affect you in campaigns that use exact match yet for all other keywords and match types ''negatives'' are essential for success


2. A/B test your ad copy – Test a variety of different ads in their designated atmosphere to truly see the best performing ad. Make sure to allow a good amount of traffic before drawing a conclusion


3. IP exclusions – This is a Biggy when your running campaigns with a high CPC. Sometimes it can be as simple as an agency doing a bit too much searching for ads increasing impressions and lowering CTR which in the end lowers QS. Your agency should ensure to exclude your IP address and clients IP addresses. Also use the Ad Preview Tool to view your ads and even offer the tool to your clients. 

4. Location reports – Make location reports a part of your regular schedule Google gives advertisers a front row ticket to each neighborhood to see how your ads are performing. You are able to drill down Country, City then even postal codes for your data. Check out the variances of CPC from city to city.


5. A/B Test your landing pages – Make sure to cover conversion optimization with your landing pages. Remember doubling a conversion rate makes a HUGE impact on your bottom line.


 6Ad scheduling – Through your dimension tab you are able to see what time of the day your ads are the most affective. Also within Analytics under Acquisition tab, then AdWords, there is a section titled Hour of Day which allows you to see important statistics on clicks, conversions and conversion rate for Day of Week and Hour of Day. Take advantage of this feature provides the opportunity to save budget by stopping your ads from showing at times when customers are not likely to convert


7. Learn AdWords Features - Make sure to understand things features like ‘’Display select’’ and ‘’enhanced CPC’’ these features can end up costly if not used at the right time. Take full advantage of sitelinks, call-outs and the various call- extensions that improve CTR and help conversions


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