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7 Ways to Sell AdWords to Local Businesses


*Image from Moz.com


1. Understand what the local businesses needs are.

Make sure all communication is value driven and to the point. Demonstrate that you are an expert and take the time to understand their business model. Communicate clear action items and what the next steps would be. Remember you have a limited amount of time to make the sale.


2. Figure out what the pain points are.


Here are some common reasons businesses don’t use AdWords:
Lack of time.
Lack of experience.
Unable to measure success from past campaigns.
Bad experience with past PPC agencies.
Too small of a budget.
Adverse to risk.
After determining the pain points, offer solutions based on action items. Provide value to the business through a free audit. Education is another tool to entice businesses to give it another go. Talk about expected ROI. And offer a month to month contract.


3. Make the discussion about the local business.


What are their marketing goals?
What are they currently doing?
Where products or services are selling well?
Do they have a website?
Do they like their website?
Who currently handles the marketing?
Do you have any physical stores?
Who is your ideal customer?
Business owners love talking about themselves so let them.


4. Address specific concerns regarding pass failed marketing (I mean they wouldn’t come to you if their marketing was working).


Do they feel that they are spending too much?
Not Enough?
Do they worry they are targeting the wrong people?
Should they do local targeting?
Are they worried about not having enough traffic?
Do they feel that they understand how their customers interact?


5. Reverse their concerns and provide value.


Talk about how online advertising will help them achieve their goals. And how you can improve their ROI by doing X, Y, and Z. Provide them data and research about their niche on the web. Show them that traffic exists and they can capture it.


6. Ask positive questions such as:


How do can online marketing help achieve your goals?
What type of ROI would you expect doing online marketing?
What information about your products are customers interested in?
How awesome would it be if you showed up in searches more.


7. Review and Research with them.


Nothing gets a business owner more excited them when you start. Review the website. Suggest landing page changes. Research their online niche. How competitive is their space. Speak their lingo. This is sign that you did your homework beforehand. And begin to plan. Nothing is better than committing them to a plan they made themselves.


*If you can think of anymore, feel free to add them in the discussion.  Smiley Happy

Supriyo D
June 2016

Really good.

 But I am trying to work around an area where this will vary - may work - may not work.

I am giving an example - 

Say, in suburban India there are lots of big shops employing mre than 10 workers permanantly.

How should i approach them to go for adwords?

They will ask you for extra monthly cost, may be zero return initially etc etc. Lots of questionS. 

Saumendra S
June 2016

In India we do face the deniel from Business - to adopt Adwords, but when you can listen (Again I can say - Have to Listen) , Listen a lot from them on there aspiration of increasing ROI as well as there Problems on Promoting there Products or Services, than only they will listen to your approch on adwords or any Promotional Statergy. 


Smartphone penetrationin India is increasing 100 times than any other form of device Communication. This is a great platform to solve the business Promotion activities through Adwords. And I appriciate Tony, for the listing of these 7 ways to sell Adwords . 


+suprio  you can follow them as well for Indian scenario

Bright P
June 2016 - last edited June 2016

Mostly in india Customer will take all the knowledge from us but wouldn't buy AdWords from Us? 


After understanding there business and product will tell how they can approch multiple types of audiance with Google AdWords and after giving gyan on budget either they go with low Budget or they will not buy the product Right away.


What should be the Approch for these kind of customers.