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5 Tips for Creating Effective Text Ads

When you shop online yourself I think you would agree that the headline plays an integral part in which Ad you engage with. The more personal the message the more likely they will be a Click!

Write ads that appeal to customers

Your ads are the voice of your products and services. The more relevant and engaging they are to your customers, the more likely they'll generate results for you.


To quickly gauge your ad performance, you can sort by clickthrough rate or conversion statistics the same way you might with keywords. This way, you can easily see which ads:

  • Get clicked on most often
  • Generate the most conversions
  • Have the best conversion rates
  • Bring in conversions at the lowest cost

You'll want your ads to appeal to customers and accurately describe what you have to offer. Answer these questions to see if your ads are sending the right message:

1. Does your ad match your keywords?

Consumers tend to be drawn to ads that seem more relevant to their search. So make sure that your ad text (especially the headline) is closely related to your keywords. This can catch the attention of people who searched for those words and show that your ad is related to what they want.

It's important to group your keywords by theme or product, instead of putting all your keywords in the same ad group. This way, you can write an ad that's directly tailored to that specific theme. And the more closely paired your ads and keywords are, the more likely someone will be interested.

For example, if you're advertising group fitness classes, your ad group might look like this:



Group Fitness Classes

Ad www.example.com

Yoga, Cardio, Strength

Available. All Ages Welcome!

fitness classes

exercise classes

group fitness classes

group exercises classes

2. Do you have different versions of your ad?

It can be hard to capture everything you want to say about your business in a single text ad. That's why you'll want to write different versions of your ad.

It's a good idea to have 2 to 4 different ads in an ad group. If you have more than one ad in an ad group, AdWords will automatically start showing the better-performing ones by default.

In each ad, try using different headlines or description text. For example, you could experiment with:

  • Trying different headlines or calls-to-action
  • Including certain keywords or brands
  • Including specific prices or promotions

For example, if you were advertising for your gym, you could try ad variations like these:

Join Our Local Gym

Ad www.example.com

Fitness Classes and More

Sign Up for a Free Trial!

Fitness Classes

Ad www.example.com

Yoga, Cardio, Strength

Become a Member Today!

Gym Membership

Ad www.example.com

Try Us Free for 2 Weeks

Get in Shape, Have Fun!

3. Are you using a strong call-to-action?

In your ad text, you'll want to encourage customers to perform the action that you want them to take on your site. A strong, clear call-to-action tells customers what they can expect and nudges them toward your desired action.

The more specific your call-to-action (that is, the closer it matches your keywords and landing page), the better your chances of a conversion. By choosing the right action phrase, you'll avoid having to pay for clicks that are less likely to result in business for you.

Kids Soccer Shoes

Ad www.example.com

Buy Shoes at 20% Off. Great

Selection. Free Shipping

Nationwide Every Day.

Seafood Restaurant

Ad www.example.com

Great For Groups and Families. Patio Dining

Available. Reserve a Table Now!

Local Gym

Ad www.example.com

Fitness Classes, Clean

Facilities and More. Sign Up

for a Free Trial!

4. Are you highlighting a special offer or promotion?

If you have something special to offer, make sure your customers see it. For example, you might be offering a 10% summer discount, an instant rebate, or a free gift with purchase. Calling attention to specific prices or promotions can help influence someone's decision to click on your ad. The more you can set yourself apart from competitors, the more likely you'll appeal to potential customers.

5. Are you using ad extensions?

One way of attracting more customers to your ad is by using ad extensions—a feature that shows extra business information with your ad, like an address, phone number, store rating, or more web page links. Adding ad extensions can help improve your ad's visibility and CTR.


There are many more tips available, but here are my top 5 when it comes to writing effective ads that you want people to click on.

Please leave any comments or questions below.

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Spencer_Wade Top Contributor
August 2016

Great post @Mike Blackmore, I am llittle late here, but great tips, thanks for taking the time to share.