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5 Reasons to Create a Personal Marketing Blog

RunRex is the name of my agency. I didn’t come up with the name. My two partners did. Those two partners are no longer with the agency. I changed the logo from a bland word mark to a dog, but I couldn’t change the name.


The RunRex website has been redone 3 times. One of the partners created a hideous UI/UX interface. We later sent the website to our India team who managed to design an even worst UI/UX. Our CTO spent a week, . I’m not fond of our website. I had little input into it’s design, layout, and content. Most of my ideas were ignored… so I made put my time into my own website.


The rest of the team work on RunRex while I worked on my personal blog Guttulus. This was a great decision. RunRex is currently ranked 26,304,396 on Alexa. Guttulus is currently ranked 358,981 on Alexa. I hope to get it to 250,000 by next year. Here are 5 reasons you should create a personal (not company) marketing blog.


It allows you to practice what you sell without fear of failure. One of my biggest grievances, is when marketers don’t try anything new and/or they use their client accounts as guinea pigs. I’ve seen social media managers without social media accounts. Same with SEO, PPC, Content, Graphic Design, Photography, etc. Having your own website allows you to experiment with all these marketing verticals and to try new ones.


It builds confidence with clients.  Clients want to know the person they are hiring is passionate about what they do. Do a search for the keyword Guttulus. What do you think a Guttulus is? I use this exercise to show clients what’s possible. They love it. A Guttulus is a species of cat. But you wouldn’t know from the search results. Clients love doing live searches (mostly on themselves).


It offers creative freedom. This freedom is therapeutic. Applying creative thinking to your work is an incredible feeling. Being creative means taking risks and sometimes surprising yourself with the results. Creativity is the salve for risk aversion and a key to a successful marketing agency.  


It helps create a consistent schedule. I blog when I wake up and when I go to sleep. It bookends by day. Having a known constant in an otherwise random scenario is an anchor for productivity.  Marketing is random and so are your clients. At the end of each day, you know you took a small step forward towards your goal.


It's great for morale. A personal website feels more than just a grind. It’s a digital version of who you are or who you want to be. It provides a reprieve from daily client  and personal responsibilities and allows you to work on your craft. Most important, the website only gets stronger in time. One more blog means more views. One more video means more views. In a world obsessed with likes, followers, and numbers, this matters.


I hope I was able to convince you to take a stab at making a marketing blog. My blog is in a creative state of flux; I like it that way. Being marketers, it's nice to show off skills and develop new ones.  A website is a creative canvas to do so without a client yelling at you.  It's the perfect hobby for a marketer.  

David m
October 2016

Great information, do you have any recomendations for blogging websites? I know of wordpress and blogger and haven't found either to be all that user friendly for the novice. I maybe out of touch with technology or maybe there is software out there that works for me.

October 2016

@David m Yes.  I always use wordpress.  It's relatively easy to use once you have it set up.  You need to use the "add Post" feature.  I write my articles on Word and then copy and past it into a post.  I would also suggest wordpress for Search Engine Optimization reasons.  There are a lot of SEO plugins on the platform.