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3 More Common Errors When Uploading Expanded Text Ads

While ETA Ads are a useful new feature of AdWords, there are a few more errors that may occur that you may have seen. When uploading using this method, you may encounter the following issues:



You will see this because Ads are not editable via bulksheets. This error will occur if you try to make a change to an ad. The workaround for this would be to delete the Ad in the User Interface (UI) and then create a new Ad via the bulksheet. Keep in mind that the new Ads will now be under review for up to 24-48 hours.


  1. “Invalid IDs” or “Parsing error.”


Spreadsheet programs sometimes will convert long sequences of numbers such as ad group IDs, creative IDs, or campaign IDs into scientific notation. Please always double check your numbers to ensure they are whole real numbers. If you upload a bulk sheet that includes scientific notation you will get this error.


  1. “File Too Large


At this time, the system only supports file sizes of 50mb or less. If you would like to upload more ads, upload the ads in multiple uploads and spreadsheets.

Phoolu Ram
September 2016