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3 Key Considerations for Mobile Websites


When it comes to building a mobile website, I’m a fan of the mindset “user first, user fast.” In other words, user experience and usability should be the focal points when you’re looking to acquire new customers or keep current customers.


Data from Monetate shows a 19% quarter over quarter growth for Q3 2015 compared with Q4 2015 for conversion rates on mobile devices for users in the US. Thus, more mobile users are converting and the momentum is continuing to shift to mobile. Given that, here are three design considerations to keep in mind:


Intelligent Site Search

Site search is a “day one” feature on mobile sites. Not only does it enable users to customize their experience, but, if implemented well, it also helps optimize the delivery of your top content and services. As they do with Google Search, users primarily judge and interact with the first few search results, so your site should tailor search results accordingly.


Are you running a discount or sale? Try filtering search results to return your most relevant and discounted products. Alternatively, perhaps you want to show the highest-rated products based on user reviews. Social proof is a powerful catalyst for conversions, so you could aggregate search results to return those bestsellers. In either instance, always remember that relevancy is key.


Guest Conversions and Purchases 

Having to register for an account before exploring or purchasing on a site can be an obstacle in a user’s conversion path. Thus, you should consider letting users check out as guests, or enable them to review your content without having to register for an account. Not only does this open the door to more conversions, but it also prevents unnecessary frustration for both you and your customers.


Simplicity is Key 

For lots of businesses, an ecommerce transaction isn’t the sole goal. Indeed, growing an email list to keep customers updated on new products, discounts, and business news is important to your bottom line as well. So keep things simple when encouraging users to opt in to your mailing list or to register for an account. Speaking from personal experience, I know that the desktop model for form entry does not work well on mobile - period. Clear labels, easy transitions, and autofilling information can help make form entry a better experience for customers.



What other considerations do you have when designing a mobile site? What other mobile site features would you like more info on? Let us know in the comments below!