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10 Ways to Grow Your PPC Agency /Freelance (without spending money)



 Happy late Tuesday night… or early Wednesday morning. It’s almost the end of the year. And it’s time to reflect. Here’s a list of 10 ways I grew my PPC agency in 2016. Please feel free to share your experience as well. 


1. Track Time

The more clients you have the more concurrent projects you will work on. With so many windows opened on your screen, it’s hard to keep track of your time. A good project can turn foul if you do not track your time. It also shows you which employees are more profitable.


2. Collaborate with Freelancers/ Other Agencies

Working with freelancers to supplement your team is a great idea to accept higher end projects. In particular, photography, videography, and graphic design can bolster your team without long term commitments.


3. Meet Twice a Week

Our entire team meets every Monday at 11am and every Friday at 11am. This bookends our week and allows us to finish projects on time. Meetings are necessary to build the team.


4. Time Management

Our team is very young. I’m the oldest at 29. Half our team only recently graduated college. They get easily distracted. We use Slack to track what everyone is doing. We had some issues with remote contract workers in the past… We now pay 1099 workers based on hours they put into slack.


5. Marketing (Self)

As a small agency, I have to brand myself. What I find helpful, is giving speeches at local events. This has resulted in a lot of great connections and some profitable business. Marketing in social media is important, your clients do care.


6. Creating a Pipeline

Understanding who your prospects are and where they are is important. Create a pipeline to ensure leads. You can never really have enough of those.


7. Legal Templates

Create and store legal templates. These can include contracts, credit card authorizations, non-disclosure agreements, and everything else. Clients will take you more seriously if you have a contract. And should something bad ever happen, you will be glad you did.


8. Website

This is a no brainer. Having a website is important. Here’s the secret, I have multiple websites. I have the agency website, a marketing blog, and my new PPC training website. Multiple websites allow you to tap into a niche. In the world of marketing, there is a lot of noise. Gaining traction is incredibly difficult… if you are a general “agency.”

9. Billing / Collections

Have a system in place for billing. And have a plan in place for collection. I find a simple collection letter works. Many times clients want to pay you but can’t. Be flexible. For new clients, we always bill for work ahead of doing it. For older clients, we offer payment plans based on milestones.


10. Cash Flow

There is nothing more important. You have to pay your employees and third party vendors. If you have cash flow problems, your agency won’t last long. There’s no worst feeling then waiting for a check to come in.

These are my top 10. Let me know if I’m missing anything. Smiley Happy



Jim Banks
December 2016

Great insights @Tony_Guo


I'm starting out again on the road to building an agency in 2017, having previously sold my original PPC agency back in 2006.


I lost my Google Partner status back in October, while I was working for someone else, so having to start from the beginning, which in some respects is a good thing, can leave the bad habits by the roadside, but it means official Google Partner credibility won't come for a while.


Been in the wilderness, working for others since then, but wanted to get back into the lions den.




For point 2. do you have any specific locations you go to find designers, photographers, videographers etc. ?


I know the things I am good at and I know the things I need help with, that is definitely something I need help with. Got all the ideas, but the delivery is sometimes not so good.

December 2016

@Jim Banks 


Hi Jim.  That's exciting.  For designers, photographers, videographers, check your local university.  I had great luck recruiting interns.  And it's far cheaper than posting a job on linkedin or indeed.  We have an intern to employee program set in place.  It helps us determine if the person is a good fit... and hard worker.  


For delivery or (sales) that was the toughest part for me to learn.  Client interactions are critical to success but you won't learn that in books.  Only through interactions with different clients.  


Best luck on the new agency and to a great 2017!  Owning your own agency is incredibly rewarding.  I'm sure you know that.  Smiley Happy

Jim Banks
December 2016

Thanks so much @Tony_Guo 

That's what I've always loved about the search community, people willing to help others, even their competitors.


Sales is ultimately people buying people. Nobody is going to buy a service from someone they don't feel a connection with.


Have a great festive break.


Your advice about interns is terrific. Appreciate it.

December 2016

@Jim Banks  Have a great festive break as well.  And please keep me updated on the progress of your agency.  It's nice having someone to talk about #agencylife with.  Smiley Happy