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the "reviews on web" button is gone and I have no review button

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When my business was first listed on Google it included a link to my 50+ 5star "reviews on the web" found here

along with a "leave a review" link. 


Both are now gone and my google listing shows I have no reviews.


Contemporary Voice and Performance (CVP) Coaching

Rivercrest Lane, Bartlett, TN 38135


I don't give my specific address on my listing because I work from a home studio. I have tried to update my listing to include the street but it still just says Bartlett.,-89.8...


thanks in advance

VoiceCoach LisaMarie

the "reviews on web" button is gone and I have no review button

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Hi @CVP Coach L - did you recently change the categories for your business? As education listing can't get reviews posted


You linked to Thumbtack, where only users with an account can access. 

the "reviews on web" button is gone and I have no review button

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Hi Nathan, 

In response to your first question...Yes, I found that some how my google listing was all out wack. from one day to the next my entire profile had changed. So I went in and edited everything. Then Google didn't recognize me as the owner and I had to repeat the verification process all over again. 

When I first listed my business there was a "Write a reviews" button.

My google listing also previously had a link right above "send to phone" showing "reviews found on the web". However, that all dissappeared for some reason. At that time there was a "right a reviews" link so I actually used it to write a blurb about my reviews and included a link to my Thumbtack reviews. Due to my high volume of 5 star reviews, Thumbtack released a widget to me that allows non-members to read my reviews. Did you try the link?

is there anyway to restore these links. Any idea why they are gone? 

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me about this!