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sharing to my google = brand account

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1. Full business name - Hamble Powerboat Charters
2. Current business address - Oyster Quay, Hamble Hampshire so314bq
3. Current telephone number - 0800 6785697
4. Google Maps URL -
5. Website (if applicable)

6. Google + page -


Hi there,

I have a wordpress plugin "add to any" installed on my website blog which provides a share button to amongst other G+ (see:


I would like to share news items from my blog to my google + business page (brand account) Hamble powerboat charters.


 However when I press share the article is shared to my personal google + page ( I am logged in to google as


Can you please help me to figure out how I can share directly to my Hamble Powerboat Charters google + business brand account.


This is what I currently get see screen grab.




But i want the post to be shared here instead...




I'm sorry If I'm a little confused between business and brand accounts but I am very willing to put in the effort to figure all this out. I built the Website myself and have been in Marketing communications for years but this google + thing has just got me beat. Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you

David M Thomas

+447831 166344 

sharing to my google = brand account

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I'm not certain, but you may have to share owner/manager credentials of the business account with your personal account.


Sometimes there are too many layers of separation with having "many" Google profiles open and operating at the same time, that I have found it more difficult on a desktop, but easier to toggle back and forth, at least on the iPhone's. 



sharing to my google = brand account

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Thanks Chris, I checked and I'm already on the list as owner of the Google Plus business account, but i will go through the and check to the set up again. Thanks for your advice. 


If anyone else can help I would still appreciate any pointers