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questions regarding maps search and distance/area

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A.J. Allulli - Master Piano Technician,-90.035988,9z/d...


I service a large area, and have my location based on where i live, the north side of the lake.  I have tried setting specific towns, and currently have it set to a 50mile radius.  When searching for piano tuning while centered over the north side of the lake, I show up just fine.  When searching for piano tuning on the south side of the lake in New Orleans or any area near there, I do not show up at all, despite servicing that area.  Is this due to a large increase in listings? I am trying to figure out if I need to open a "location" in the city in order to even show up.  I am concerned that if i have customers review my north shore listing that I still will never show up on the south shore searches.  I would think that a large number of reviews would bump into searches on more crowded areas, but I don't know for sure. That's what I need to know before I start receiving reviews either on the main listing, or one created specifically for the south shore in new orleans.