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moving physical office out of the metro area

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I have not been able to get a confirmed answer anywhere else, therefore I wanted to try this community for some advice from the great minds here.
we currently ranking well for google local. We are looking to move the office and have our view set on a nice office. The only problem is the office would be in what I would call kinda a suburb of the major city with it's own zip code and city name. It still belongs to the greater metro area of our city, but is far from the center and it considered its own smaller municipality. It does however have a large industrial/ corporate complex.

I have heard that some recent google local algos have more positively affected this, but that is second hand information. So the question is if we move the office about 15-20 miles out of the city center into a suburb city with it's own zip code will that affect our ranking. Will we still be able to rank well for the main city and metro area, or will be we limited to the suburb city. The answer could have an impact on our decision in terms of where to relocate . 

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Re: moving physical office out of the metro area

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you will not get any "official" answer regarding ranking - The only official word regarding ranking is very general:


But my guess regarding your intention is:

yes there will be an impact on ranking.

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile