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create a separate page for both addresses

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Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭

A client of mine has a big problem: he has 2 locations (addresses) for his business.
When you search in Google linking both of these addresses to the same business page.
But it must be actually 2 different business listings. 

The addresses are: 1) Transportweg 32, 2742 RH Waddinxveen and 2) Florijnstraat 10, 2988 CL Ridderkerk*
If I have 1 address change on the business page, then change the other as well.
So the company page switches between 2 addresses.
I am just not able to create a separate page for both addresses.
On the business page should somehow be split, but how?
Hope you can help me?

Kind regards,

Hedwig de Graaf
Creative Dogs