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carousel missing!!!

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business name - epstein chiropractors

website -

address -  Shop 139, St Ives Shopping Village, 166 Mona Vale Rd, St Ives NSW 2075

tel -  (02) 9440 2928,151.158521,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!...



business has just opened and was verified last week

substantial adwords expenditure  will begin next week

site contains structured data for local seo


business is in the 'st ives' area of sydney, australia




if search [from sydney] 'st ives sydney chiropractor' then a carousel appears - the biz not on the carousel yet but hopefully soon


if search [from sydney] 'st ives chiropractor' then there is no carousel and one chiropractor is monopolizing the listing .This is not correct and unfair??!!


could google please rectify this bug/anomaly?!


please email to with reply



carousel missing!!!

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Hi @Allen C


This actually seems normal to me.


The key here is understanding the way that the business listing/map listing works Vs the organic search results (which includes the knowledge graph/carousel).


1. If your business listing has been verified and you search for your exact business name or phone number, your listing should appear.


2. If you search for a business category or keywords related to your business - or category, location (for example 'st ives chiropractor') your business listing may not appear. 


How Google determines which businesses appear in the second case is decided from over 200 factors, some of which (in the map display) may be weighted towards location - amongst many other factors.


As far as I'm aware, having a significant Adwords spend (or any Adwords spend) does not have a direct affect on your organic rankings.


This video from Google is a full explanation and covers some of the possible reasons for why your business is not appearing in more detail: I can’t find my business on Google




PS: It's probably best not to post personal info within the community forums (such as an email address). If you have a legitimate support issue, you can raise that with Google via their standard support channels.