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Wrong office shows in knowledge graph in google search

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1. Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers
2. 20 Hughson Street South #510, Hamilton, ON L8N 2A1, Canada
3. 905-522-9799
Google is serving up the wrong local listing in the knowledge graph for our business Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers in Hamilton, Ontario.

Here is our Hamilton, Ontario GMB page

Here is our Brantford, Ontario GMB page

When you search Google for Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers in Hamilton, ON you get the Brantford offce  and NOT the Hamilton office.

When you search directly in maps - the Hamilton listing is showing up, which is good, but the lawyers at the firm are frustrated because they feel that people are looking for office contact info and directions to the Hamilton office might get the wrong idea when the Brantford listing is the one that is populating.

We've recently cleaned up info on our GMB listings, our site schema and OG tags, and corrected info in Map Maker.  Any other suggestions on how to make sure the Hamilton office shows up in the knowledge graph when people are searching for our office in Hamilton?

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Re: Wrong office shows in knowledge graph in google search

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Hi @Tammy S,


I ran several searches of different terms and found that in some of them the correct knowledge panel is displayed but with some of the Hamilton, Ontario searches, the Brantford's knowledge panel shown.



Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers
325 West Street, Unit 102a
Brantford, Ontario



Brantford, Ontario.png




Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers
20 Hughson Street South, # 510
Hamilton, Ontario


Hamilton, Ontario.png



This does show that a knowledge panel for each location has been populated but that the Brantford location is better optimized and/or is an older listing.


On a side note, as I was reviewing searches and your website, I did see in the footer something I would change. One location has the firm's name and other does not. I would add the firm's name to both... but this is not something tied to your specific help request.



From here...


If you have made changes recently to clean up the online information, it is likely that things will sort out very soon. Again, many of my searches bring up the proper knowledge panel. You could do a further online audit and seek to discover placements that list the Brantford location only and add the other location, too. It is possible that there are local listings/directories that only list the one location and by adding the other, it would help and bring better search engine optimization overall.


The knowledge panel is populated by several sources powered by Google's Knowledge Graph, which was created from FreeBase. It is well-known that the information in the knowledge panel often does not match the preferred knowledge panel on a business and it is something we sorta accept in the website development business while we continue to optimize content to feed it the ideal info. Being that you have a correctly populated knowledge panel for each location is a great sign and a great advancement, in general. 


Kind Regards,




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