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Wrong Photo Showing up on Business Listing

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Hi there!


Despite the fact that we have set our identity photos to be as below, Google is showing a different photo in Search Results.



This is the result:




 We also have multiple photos in the different categories that it allows in the listing like "Exterior Photos", "Photos at work", "Team Photos" etc.


How to ensure that instead of a random team member, Google will actually display our logo ??


Re: Wrong Photo Showing up on Business Listing

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Hi @Sandra K,


This is at times a tough beast to tame. However naming the file you upload strategically can alter this and perhaps since there has been so many clicks on that certain team member's picture, Google may be thinking that is the most 'relevant' for your business. Keep in mind Google is a machine, and thrives off human input to make sense out everything and organize it for us. 


A guerilla tactic would be to have your team members go to your Google My Business listing and click on the photo you would like shown, this could tip the scale for you. If you need any further details or help feel free to reach out to me.