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Why so many dot com's

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# 1
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My new site is Extreme Cleaning Sanitation & Crime Scenes Clean Up Services / which should be active tommorrow. Therefore to enhance my website I need off the search engine yesterday!!

I have a awesome Website but my Presence does not seem to be reaching the audience at all !!

How can googles help Me? I also would like to see the the enhancement after changing from dot net to dot com

I would like to get cents like everyone else from Google's not pay Google's.

I have G+ all social media at hand and in use

I love Google's so Why I do not have the Clients?

Re: Why so many dot com's

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# 2
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Who made your website? Or what I really mean... why are you using https instead of http? I think you maybe don't know exactly what that means. 

when you go to a site with http ( for example) it means the connection isn't secure. Most sites use that, but Google's trying to [censored] things towards https. 


You can't just start using https though, it doesn't automatically make things secure. You need an SSL certificate (your hosting account will usually sell one to you for a yearly fee) and you need to get it set up properly. It's not overly complicated, but whoever set it up either did it wrong, or didn't even understand what https is for in the first place. Your profile links to your site incorrectly, you'll need to fix that. 


Beyond that... making it easy for people to find you is a little complicated. Where are you wanting people to see you that you're not showing up? What kinds of keywords are you hoping to appear in? I see you showing for las vegas crime scene cleanup services at least. 

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