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I need help badly.


I have a business page that i see on Google search no problem..  it has 25 good reviews and so forth.


The thing is....I have no clue where to edit the page and what is going on?? I am 1 confused person and totally frustrated. 


I verified the business with the mail card they sent.


I see the my logo and manage my business ICON where I have been trying to do everything under my account.


I try to edit and it does not show up on the browser page where everyone will see it. says I have 0 reviews when I have 25.


see link


The business name is Choice Fitness Repair 1rst I set this page up on a different GMAIL account awhile ago....but when I go to that account....I do not see my business page anywhere.  I cant edit it there either.  Where did it go??  where are all my reviews?  where and how do I edit this page??


I want to start using Google properly.


Please help.....I am lost.


hopefully this is not confusing....since it is how I feel right now.



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Where is my Business

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@Kevin O


to synchronise the information provided:


Are oyu talking about this listing

It shows for me 25 reviews (actually)

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Where is my Business

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Hi Helmut, I have a similar issue. IT appears I have two Google+ profiles (one for my business  and one personal-I think ) and I recently was certified for streetview, trouble is my certification badge went on my personal Google+ profile, not my business profile. I want to get listed as an agency.

Is there anything I can change or a way to merge these accounts? Is there a better way to do this?