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Website missing from Knowledge Graph Card on Search and Map results

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Hi @MargaretO,


I am about to publish a book called "The Rise of the Working Class Shareholder". The book had a Knowledge Graph card with an error in it, mistakenly describing the book as a novel when it is nonfiction. I tried to fix that. In any case, the Knowledge Graph Card has now entirely disappeared. Any thoughts on what to do next? Thanks,




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Re: Website missing from Knowledge Graph Card on Search and Map results

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Hi @David W


Normally questions here are for Google My Business listings, not for Knowledge Panel (KP) for items like books.


Google isn't as reliable about spinning up a KP for things like books as it is for GMB listings, and it relies on information about the book on the web at large to determine whether it will display a Knowledge Panel.


You can refer to this article to find out more information about marking up information about a book - this is typically done on a website's page that is promoting the book.  


If the book has its own website, then the article may be helpful for you as the author.  If you don't have your own website, then you'll be relying on vendors to mark up their pages, or your publisher to add this information to the webpage.


The fact that it disappeared could be due to sellers or publishers changing their web page structure, or it could be an algorithm tweak or glitch. It's really hard to say with an entity such as a book.


As far as what to do next - if you have a site or your publisher has a page, then check the markup.  If you don't you may not have any control over this.

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