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Website doesn't show up when searching business name and city

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BR Photography, LLC

215 S Peachtree Ln

Republic, MO 65738


I don't know my Google+ URL


I am sorry if this should be asked elsewhere, but my website does not show up on Google even when I search "BR Photography springfield, mo"

Our facebook page shows up first...followed by our blog posts, but never our home page.

I have registered the site with Google...I don't know what else to do, and I am overwhelmed by the amount of information on the internet.


Thanks for any help.



Re: Website doesn't show up when searching business name and city

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Hi @Britney R


I hear that there's a lot of information out there, I found a few things though that'll hopefully shed some light and make your job a little easier. 


First up, your home page is what's showing up on the first page of Google. It's called "BR Photography » Blog" Because Google's confused. You have an empty title tag on your home page, decide what you want Google to name you when you come up, and name it that. As a hint, one of the (many) things that can help you show well, is to include your city + state in your title tag, as well as potentially a primary keyword (put your brand name first though of course). 

Another important thing is how you use headlines in your site. One of the ways you can style your pages is with h1 and h2 tags and so on. Google plays a lot of attention to those, so they aren't just important for making your site look right, it's important to use those tags properly to help visitors and Google know what your site is about. You don't have any h1 tag at all on your home page, and you've got something screwy going on with the only h2 tag you're using: 
<h2 id="alt-h1">
<a href="" title="BR Photography" rel="home">
BR Photography &raquo; Blog </a>

That line of code is what Google's pulling your title from, so there's a bit of cleanup work to do. You might need to Incidentally, I'd also avoid using 417.319.1328 as your phone number formatting... use the (xxx) xxx-xxxx instead. It's a super small change, just figured I'd mention it while I was here. 

As far as verification... did you verify your site using Google webmaster tools? Because I couldn't find a Google My Business page for you. What you'll want to do, is go here, click 'get on Google', follow the instructions, and after you've put in your business information, you'll probably have to scroll down to 'my business isn't in this list' and make a new business entry. You'll need to give your physical address, but as long as you select 'I deliver goods or services to customers at their location' and leave unchecked 'I also serve customers at my location' then Google will keep your address private. If you're going to do the rounds and get yourself listed at all the good spots for wedding photographers though (called citation building if you want to look into that) then know that not all the sites will allow you to keep your address hidden, so you'll need to be selective about where you list yourself. 

Anyway, they'll mail you a postcard, and a few days after you've verified you should start showing up with a lot more info about your business in that area to the right (called the knowledge graph).

Either way though, your site's definitely showing now, it's just got the wrong title. 

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