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We are seeing different profile photos rotating in the knowledge box for our business? Why?

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For the last 11 days we have seen profile pictures rotate.  We have gone to phone customer service.  We went back through the process of identifying the profile photo we wanted.  The customer service person referenced three things to us:

1.  Photos are chosen by algo

2.  You can identify the profile photo you want chosen.

3.  By re identifying the profile photo you want chosen it will signify to google to show the profile photo.


But that isn't working.  We are seeing what looks like complete rotating of the profile photos.  We have not seen this before.

Has google changed its policy and actions with profile photos?


Can we get an update on this?  It appears we have no control over profile photos at this time, and of this and various other businesses we have some "album photos" we definitely do not want showing as the profile.


By the way I tried uploading a screen shot of the current knowledge box profile photo, but it isn't taking.  It is a 4th different picture I've seen in the last 11 days, and is not the photo we have chosen and reverified as the profile photo we want.


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Re: We are seeing different profile photos rotating in the knowledge box for our business? Why?

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Hi @2440


Google rotates them as they see fit and for better user experience as they call it. 


I don't know what your business page is, but if you have added images via "upload to public" these tend to be randomized more often then actual images added via "manage your photos".


Images added via "manage your photos" with profile set specifically, do still get rotated but not as often in my experience.


Google thinks they know better then the actual business  : (



Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: We are seeing different profile photos rotating in the knowledge box for our business? Why?

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Tim: Thanks for the comments.
Several points:
1. I forgot to upload info on the business:
Professional Bartending School
2440 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA

2. As of earlier today I had sent 3 different screen shots of KB profile photos to GMB customer service. One w/the profile pic, two others which had shown up in the last 2-3 days. I had seen a 4th profile pic a few days ago and didn't take a screen shot.
3. I got a return phone call from the customer service rep within the last hour. Per her response, and per our earlier mutual effort to reset the profile pic....that isn't working. In her latest is the "algo" that is choosing the photo. And it is the "algo' that is not accepting the profile photo we chose. But in actuality over the coarse of the day I've seen both the chosen profile photo and one alternative.

Really, I think this "algo" language is baloney. They are now rotating pictures. Is there another description for this? As you might be aware they are sending emails to some smbs to send more pictures of more types. They are using language that suggests a "better user experience". My experience over the last few days and the conversation with the customer service rep suggests that isn't the case.

The most logical idea is that google wants to rotate photos and gather data. Meanwhile they aren't sharing this information...but they are sending "suggestive" emails. I suggest that is a ploy so they can get more information from smb's so they can generate more secretive data.

Why don't they provide data in google analytics or webmaster tools that shows us the same data they are getting. How many visits with which profile photos are getting clicks. That would be fair, and if they want the pictures for free for "their knowledge box" and their data...they should be honest about it....not sneaky.

Following today's conversation...and an honest attempt to work through customer service and correct this issue...the response is making me feel dirty, somewhat abused and misled. Simply used.

Can this be elevated to an engineer? Can I and others get a real answer????