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Want to be able to turn off businesses on my maps

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When trying to find directions on the hilly streets where I live, the screen is covered by these type of Labels: X Accupuncturist, X kennels, X catering....
I don't know how this works, but do these businesses pay a fee to be advertised on your maps? Or are they just in Google's Business Database?
If so, it seems I should be able to toggle the businesses off, or choose which ones (even by icon) that I see. I would pay for that as a PRO feature even. 
Can someone tell me how it works? 
Let's say I want to figure out some distances in Chicago, but I DO NOT want to see Restaurants.
Is there a way I can toggle off all Restaurant Labels? 
What if I just want to see the labels for Hotels? Or just restaurants? 
Do we have no choice about it if we want to use Google Maps? 
And if I live next door to a business called "Stupid Name Boutique", and I want to send someone a screenshot of a map of my house, I can't toggle my neighbor's business off?
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Want to be able to turn off businesses on my maps

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this is a question better to ask the experts of the GMaps forum (!forum/maps)


But since I'm a TC of this forum too I can tell you this:

You can't toggle or somehow get rid of Place Labels shown on Maps if using the standard GMaps on desktop or Mobile.

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile