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Visibility in Google Maps

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Hi all!


Wondering if it's actually possible to get yourself right up there at the top of Google maps business listings anymore?


How is everyone interpreting 'prominence' as outlayed in this ( article published by Google?


How does this new patent influence what google business managers can and can't do to improve traffic through their listings?


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Re: Visibility in Google Maps

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Hi @Ed Y


Patents may or may not be used, we never know.


Google has already been using Geo location to display relevant nearest businesses in mobile results and to an extent already do in desktop where they can identify an IP address.


Prominence is just as it sounds, how prominent, popular, talked about, mentioned a businesses is online.


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The general rule of thumb is that if you are appearing well organically you appear well in Maps and or local pack.


There are exceptions for local pack through, you actually have to be in the area.




My client is positioned organically for Resorts in Phuket, however they will not appear in local pack or maps for this query, because they are in fact in Phang Nga which is the next district / county.


resorts in phuket   Google Search.png



However there are opportunities for "longer tail" more specific queries that you will appear for, if the competition has not optimized and worked on.




I am not in Northampton ( 40 miles away ) but there are no other "local seo experts / specialists " in northampton, or rather have optimised for this. In this case where there are no other results Google will display your business.


local seo expert northampton   Google Search.png



So there are different exception based upon the search query, results that fit the query and location.



Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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