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Using Google Domain URL on Google business site

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I recently moved my companies web assets from shady hosting company to Google. G Suite for the email, Google Domains for hosting and Google My Business for the website. I'm currently redirecting from my original domain to the My Business website but I don't like the URL. I would like to replace that URL with my Google hosted domain... Is that possible?


I see where I can purchase a custom domain but it's not clear how to use an existing one. Much of the documentation I find references older versions or the google sites platform nad not the new business sites.


Any help would be appreciated...


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San Francisco CA 94114

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Using Google Domain URL on Google business site

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Hi Lawrence,


As of right now, there is no way to add a custom domain to the website hosted/created by GMB that does not end with ""  Example -


This can only be done by apparently purchasing a new domain, or in Google Sites Classic.  And, this can only be done by copying a website made in Google Sites Classic to your domain.   However, if you do create a page in Google Sites, and your company domain is for example "" the domain will look like this: "". 


You can also edit the path - what ever is after the last / to be customized - I just used home as an example.


However,  you can use web forwarding to redirect traffic from your custom domain(s) to the GMB web-page.


Here is the link to directly forward your domain


And here is a link to managing Google Domains



Re: Using Google Domain URL on Google business site

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Thanks for the quick response. I was afraid that was the answer. I am
currently forwarding our original domain the the business.sites url, but
it's not ideal.

This was intended as a transitional website anyway so I will just have to
speed up my buildout on my squarespace website.

I'm assuming I will be able to use my domain on squarespace.

Using Google Domain URL on Google business site

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Hi Chris, could you pls explain this (from: for me:

The site you created on Google My Business is hosted by Google for free. Your website will carry a name you choose with a "" web address -- for example, ""

If you would like a custom domain -- for example, "" -- you can search for a custom domain name and purchase it from Google Domains.

To purchase a custom domain for your Google My Business website, publish your site and click "Buy Domain" when prompted (or from the Settings menu in your account). You can then search for domain names and purchase a domain name. We will automatically connect your website to your domain name. Learn more about Google’s domain service.


It is same problem here, coz I have some Google Business pages.