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Updating information in Google Knowledge Panel

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My company has a Knowledge Panel appearing when you search for the company name. But currently that is for a Google Maps entry for one of the company's offices. The same EU based office is being returned in all searches around the world.


I was hoping to get some pointers on how to fix this problem.


Ideally the Knowledge Panel should return information for the entire company, not a location. I have seen these returned for other companies or brands but I am not sure what I need to update to achieve that? Where is the information taken from?


Alternatively, if we can't update to have a generic company result we would at least like to ensure the correct office is being returned depending on where the person running the search is located.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Updating information in Google Knowledge Panel

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There are other TCs here with far more knowledge about this than me when it comes to those company-wide knowledge panels, but I can at least give you the 101 version. What you're talking about, is the difference between a local Knowledge Panel, and a Band Knowledge Panel. 

For the first problem, you've noticed that only one location ever shows for a band query. The first thing I'd look at, is to see how the other locations are set up. Are there sufficient citations on the important industry business directories? Is there any name/address/phone number confusion in those citations? Which pages on the site are each location's GMB profile linking to? Each location should be pointing to a different page on the site. Are all the locations acquiring new reviews? If not, start asking customers to review the correct location for them with an appropriate review link. Did you set up proper Schema to let Google know what's what? Are the location pages for each location poorly linked to and not ranking well? You get the idea. 

On the other hand, you could try getting a brand knowledge panel showing, but I've never personally worked with a client to achieve that end. Start with this article, and understand that unless you work with a very large company, you're going to be fighting an uphill battle. Wikipedia is fairly selective about which entities are allowed to have an article, and even there you don't get to control your own article per-se. If you decide to go that route, I'd suggest finding some help. Good luck. 

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Re: Updating information in Google Knowledge Panel

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Hi James W,

Thank you for the response, it is greatly appreciated.

I did a little research and realised that we have only 1 Google Maps entry
currently, also that our website does not have correct schema markup

But I think we do need to try to get a brand knowledge panel showing as it
is an international software company. The company has just not focussed on
our social media and general online presence enough previously. The offices
and their location are not that relevant.

Thank you for the suggestions and links to relevant articles. I can do some
more research but it sounds like I might need some help with this.