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Updating Knowledge Panel Reviews/Snippets

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The review snippets that currently show up in the Knowledge Panel for our brand are extraordinarily poor compared to our competition, and even compared to what our average reviews actually look like. For example, out of a positively-glowing review that one user gave us, Google has picked the sentence "I'm positive that if I hadn't blown, the case would've been dismissed." to display, which is without a doubt the weakest possible sentence they could have cherry picked from that review.


They also include our only bad review, which was posted 8 years ago, by a competitor who even describes himself in the review, and who never did a single other thing with the profile he used to post it. We've flagged it and replied to it, but Google has not removed it, and instead feature it prominently in the Knowledge Panel.


I understand that we don't have direct control over the snippets, but need to know what, if anything, we can do to improve this. Will getting more reviews change the ones that display? Do they change on their own at any kind of interval?


 This is killing our brand presence.


1. Steven C. Lee & Associates

2. 603 W 17th St  Austin, TX 78701

3. 512-236-1300


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Updating Knowledge Panel Reviews/Snippets

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Hi Steve


Definitely getting more reviews will help though I understand that might be difficult in your line of work.


I will see if it is possible for the poorly selected snippet to be updated though.

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Updating Knowledge Panel Reviews/Snippets

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That would be wonderful. Thanks Priya.

Updating Knowledge Panel Reviews/Snippets

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I am having an almost identical issue.


The review Google has selected to appear prominently is a four star review, where the reviewer states at the end of his review: "Will recommend to others and will be using again if needed."


Did Google select that language? Nope. Rather, it selected this language: "They don't try and fight your ticket as any lawyer should..."


We have 50 reviews. A 4.2 rating overall. One of our competitors has a 2.7 rating. The language Google selected for it: "I found him to be very aggressive when it came to..."


1. Winocour Law

2. 1511 East Levee Street, Suite B, Dallas, Texas 75207

3. 214 575 6060