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Updated URLs in Google+ and YouTube

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Rices's Landscapes

1651 55th St NE
Canton OH 44721

Google Map URL


Our client has recently changed their business name from "Rice's Nursery" to "Rice's Landscapes". We added structured data to our website to show more features in the Knowledge Graph card; however, this markup hasn't shown in over 3 weeks. We're assuming that this is due to the custom URLs for Google+ and YouTube are not the same name as the business. Is there a way to update these URLs to align with the company's new branding/name? 

Re: Updated URLs in Google+ and YouTube

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Hi @Alyssa B both Google+ and YouTube allow the current custom URL to be removed, and - if eligible - a new Custom URL to be claimed.





However, I believe that option is unfortunately not available if the Google+ and YouTube Brand Account was originally created through Google My Business. 


Hopefully the experts here can say whether the custom URL makes a difference in what displays on the Knowledge Graph card. I would think it shouldn't make a difference, but that isn't my area of expertise.