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5.3K members online now
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Unable to response to Malicious Reviews by competitor

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Hi Everyone here

I am new here.

I have been working hard with my passion of serving the community with fair business practises with my data recovery business.  I was proud to receive the perfect 5 star awards for 28 reviews after 3 years period.


However, recently, I saw that one of the competitor has started attacking my business with a daily 1star reviews and writing malicious opinions, created using multiple accounts.


Somehow, I have countered by Flagging the review and responding that it is a malicious review by a competitor and provided a direct link to this forum so that readers understand the situation.


There is however one review by "Larisa Charfauros" that I am unable to response to. Each time I submit the response, the tag box comes back as "replied". But when I go back and see the review, it remains unresponded.


I have search through the internet to find a solution, but unfortunately, I cannot seem to find the right solution. I hope some expert can provide me a guideline here.

Thank you very much.


My map url is here :,103.818667...



Louis Loo