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Two businesses with same VAT

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I have a client that operates two businesses with separate services, customers and marketing channels, in the same industry, from the same VAT number.


How can I create two separate listings for these two websites and businesses?

Currently Google returns the My Business page for nr. 1 business both in the search results for nr. 1 and nr. 2 business, such that the My Business result for business nr. 2 is errorneous.

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Two businesses with same VAT

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The information you have included is a little too general. The first question is are they in two separate locations and receive mail at both locations. To make the ability to answer clear and faster please post the following on both business page. Another wise who ever responds will be assuming information that may not be correct. Do both locations receive visitors separately? If they have the same VAT number google may well be aware of this so saying they are separate will be hard. I am not an expert on VAT but this quote is what google would know. (In the EU, a VAT identification number can be verified online at the EU's official VIES website.)


Please include the following with your question: 
1. Full business name 
2. Current business address 
3. Current telephone number 
4. Google Maps URL 
5. Website (if applicable) 


David W Cox, Google My Business Top Contributor
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