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Trouble editing locations, Maps shows wrong address

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I contacted Google support a few weeks ago regarding the map location of our business 'TDE Equipment & Manufacturing' which was positioned incorrectly. When 'TDE Equipment & Manufacturing' is searched the correct location now appears - TDE Equipment & Manufacturing
However, if you just search for the address of the business 'Gewerbepark Edling 3, 8793 Trofaiach, Austria' an incorrect location is shown - Gewerbepark Edling 3

Please could you help me fix this? 
Best regards.
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Re: Trouble editing locations, Maps shows wrong address

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Hi @Jennifer N,

The bottom line is that Google does not have that address on record and returns a partial match.


There are some things that are not clear to me.

The address in the business listing indicates the city of Trofaiach, but the marker for the business listing, which you say is correctly placed, is not within the city limits of Trofaiach.

Does Austria has a double addressing system, like the USA, where the postal address might be different than the actual physical address?


The marker for the business listing is placed at the end of a rod by the name of Edling-Seizerstraße.

Could you please explain the discrepancy?

Thank you

treebles, Google My Business Top Contributor

Trouble editing locations, Maps shows wrong address

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Thank you for your reply. 


The previous address was Edling-Seizerstraße, but last year some addresses within the district of Trofaiach were changed with the intention to make things easier due to new buildings having odd and confusing addresses. However, it hasn't made things easier for us. 

The Trofaiach town council gave us the new address Gewerbepark Edling 3, so it is official. 
I hope there is a solution to maybe register this address through Google.


Best regards.