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Thinking about creating a workshop for a small town, small Island in Washington

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Hi, I love google and I would love to become more involved with google.  Recently, I've come to realize a lot of the local businesses in my town are misplaced, not updated, and yet, a lot of new transient residents and tourists are constantly asking me questions about locations.


I am able to reserve days at the local chamber for meetings and workshops so I thought... Hmm, most of these small business owners may benefit with someone who can talk to them in "common" language on how to get their business registered on google and honestly I don't think they know how much of an impact google has especially with google maps.  So, I would like to just do a tutorial/workshop geared towards the small local business owners(mainly baby boomers) who are interested in knowing how get their businesses verified, what google business offers, what things they can do, etc.  I know it seems like simple stuff but I helped three businesses in the past week.  I am looking to help more. 


Would it be possible to either have maybe more information on google business, kits or maybe even a spokesperson who could come?  Spokesperson not required but I would like to get more training myself to tell them the updated information.


Or maybe I'm just in over my head on this question?

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Re: Thinking about creating a workshop for a small town, small Island in Washington

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Hi Kimberly,

Are you in the U.S? If so, then maybe take a look at Google's Get Your Business Online Initiative ( - I'm in Australia and don't have access to it myself, but it sounds like that offering would tie in nicely with what you want to do.

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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