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Switching Local page to Brand page

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I own a clothing brand called Dixie Reserve. We are a national brand with no storefront (although we do have an office location).


Currently we have a Google+ Local Business page, Google+ My Business, and Google+ Brand page (just created the brand page).


When you Google "Dixie Reserve" the right side bar shows us to be a Clothing Store and shows a street view of our office. I'm sure this is curated from either the Local Business page or the My Business profile.


Being a national brand, we are being mislabeled as a "Clothing Store" and we do not want our office view to show up in the search results. Very frustrating. How do we get the +Brand page to be what Google crawls and shows on the right side of the results page?




Re: Switching Local page to Brand page

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Related profiles: - brand page - unsure what this one is? - My Business Profile - Local Business Page

Insights for the MY BUSINESS Profile (30 days) - 1.92 K New Visits, 1.21 K Unique, 8.96 K Page I'm sure this is the page generating all of the Google search results ---> showing us as a "Clothing Store" rather than a "Brand"