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Sudden Spike In Organic Traffic From People Searching For Products/Services We Don't Carry/Provide

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Feltz Tire, LLC

9519 US Highway 10

Marshfield, WI 54449

P: 715-305-3853

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Hello everyone,


Our small family business has been having trouble determining the best way to address (or at least limit) a recent surge in calls we're receiving from people who were searching for services and products we don't actually offer or carry, specifically in relation to generic search terms affiliated with the used tire business category. All of this new traffic is organic as well, as we've never ran an AdWords campaign.


Currently search terms such as "car tires 54449" or "used car tires" (if Google detects that you're in our locality) will pull us up as one of the top results, even if we do not sell new or used car tires. Additionally, we're also one of the top results for our area for searches related to "tire repair 54449", and to a lesser degree "tire mounting" or "tire balancing", none of which we do either.


We previously only had one or two calls a month asking if we carry standard car and truck sizes — which unfortunately we do not. However, lately those calls can number upwards of five or more per morning, and now include the sudden spike in additional new calls asking about pricing on tire mounting and balancing services, or what we charge for tire repairs (again, none of which we've ever done). It might not seem like much, but it can easily become overwhelming when added to the many calls we already receive from normal customers on a daily basis.


I believe the majority of the confusion stems from the uniqueness of our particular business model — we primarily buy and resell surplus military tires and rims. Without getting too far into it, we essentially have contracts at a number of military bases for the tires and rims they cycle through their preemptive maintenance programs, some of which are still brand new yet. After thorough inspection, we sort out the ones that are still good, reusable tires and sell them wholesale or to end users (primarily through online retail). Since these contracts are our only source for tires and rims, the variety of styles and sizes we typically carry is rather limited. And it's primarily just bigger stuff, tires for heavy equipment, semis, off-road applications, ag use, etc. But as I mentioned before, never anything that would fit your standard car or pickup (unless your car or pickup has an 8"+ lift kit).


I know it's always made us kind of difficult to categorize us in the first place, but it was never this big of an issue until recently. I've even tried categorizing us as a 'Surplus Store' instead to little avail, so I'm not sure where else to go from hereIs it possible to apply labels or notes that would at least show what services we *don't* offer, or maybe a way to add anti-keywords or phrases (similar to Negative Keywords in AdWords, but without the ad campaign) that prevent us from popping up when someone does a search for those specifics or services? Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you again for your time and feedback!

Edits: 9/27/17 Reworded some of the questions and included information about some of the misguided search terms that are pulling up our information.

Sudden Spike In Organic Traffic From People Searching For Products/Services We Don't Carry/Provide

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Maybe try getting a DBA as something like " Feltz Military Surplus Tire "