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Stuck with multiple addresses for one brand name

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I have had my business on Google a while and now I am running the business across 2 addresses (soon to be 3).
I have read a few articles on creating multiple locations, though I have ran into difficulty.

Firstly, upon clicking on 'add location' within my listing, I enter all of the 2nd address details and I get an error telling me 'business already in my account' (see below)

Screenshot 2018-01-03 14.27.32.png
I then tried doing the same but using a slightly different business name and it worked.
The problem is, I now have 2 totally separate businesses. If I understood it correctly I should have 1 business with 2 locations? They both have the same phone number and most customers will use both locations so I would also like the reviews to be for both locations. 

Can someone tell me the correct way to use multiple locations?




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Stuck with multiple addresses for one brand name

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Hi @Andrew S,


Could you please mention the complete name, address of the listings that you are referring to?


From what I'm aware, Google uses the Name, Phone Number, Address and Primary Category as major signals in it's duplicate identification algorithm, so I would recommend that you obtain at the least a different number for either of the listings.


Thank you.

Stuck with multiple addresses for one brand name

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Thanks for the reply:

The original business
KA Childrens Martial Arts Academy
Willclare Sports Centre, Willclare Road, Birmingham B26 2NX

The new business:
KA Childrens Martial Arts
2343-2345 Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham B26 3PN