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Structured Data:, "localBusiness", Product Ontology and additionalType

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Hi all,

I’ve added structured data, marking up name, address, phone, etc (in JSON-LD). Tested with Google Structured Data Testing Tool. All good!



As localBusiness isn’t ideal, I added a URL as an additionalType (the method is described here).

Again, not perfect as ‘wholesale’ is a very generic, as is the wikipedia wholesale page that it’s referencing.

I’m searching for appropriate additionalTypes on Wikipedia, and other wikis.

the business sells products under their own brand name, such as:
Christmas decorations
Easter decorations
Giftware for various Occasions
Homeware and home accessories
Halloween party accessories

It’s wholesale only, and doesn’t deal directly with the general public.

Regarding giftware, I found this on wiktionary.
Is wiktionary a valid reference for additionalType?:

Regarding Christmas decorations, there’s this:

Is this wikipedia Category an appropriate additionalType?

Then there’s more specific Christmas items:

Would using such wiki entries indicate to search engines that the website actually sells christmas decorations?

Answers to the above will dictate whether I can use the following:
Which begs the question, how many additionalTypes is too much? Could this begin to look like abuse of the system?



Any thoughts much appreciated,




G+ page:


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Re: Structured Data:, "localBusiness", Product Ontology and additionalType

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Top Contributor
Hi Colkav

My first thought is - are visitors actually able to come to your location during your stated business hours? I noticed that you're a wholesaler so wondered if you're actually open to people coming to your location?

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Structured Data:, "localBusiness", Product Ontology and additionalType

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Rising Star
Although there has been relative silence from Google, all of the testing I've done and reviewed with others shows that is completely and totally ignored by Google. Just because a structure is validated by the tool does not mean that Google will consider any of it. It the local business property isn't documented here - - it will have no impact on what Google may present concerning your business.
Director of Marketing | Nehmedia | Partner Profile

Re: Structured Data:, "localBusiness", Product Ontology and additionalType

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Thanks for your reply, Priya. Well, yes, and no. They are open to trade visitors by appointment, they have a show room. The company isn't a perfect fit for Google's 'Local Business', they don't consider themselves a 'local' business. Additionally, in the eyes of (indirect) customers who are not trade customers / wholesale purchasers, they are a *brand* name, , yet they do need to be found in search by potential (direct) trade / wholesale customers.

Re: Structured Data:, "localBusiness", Product Ontology and additionalType

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Thanks Philip, that's very interesting.'s limited list clearly leaves many unable to go beyond 'localBusiness'. There must be millions of unique businesses out there, both old and new, that can't be neatly categorised, it would be great to have a system that's flexible enough to provide any business the means to accurately describe itself to search engines.

I can understand that this must be complicated, so perhaps Google isn't rushing in in using something like, but surely something is in the pipeline. states on its home page "Breaking news: has just implemented our proposal to define an additionalType property with the use of this service in mind!". So, Google supports, additionalType opens up possibilities of referencing other data sources. But, to my limited knowledge, Google has been quite cagey about which sources it actually uses.

I'm no seasoned expert on structured data but, even so, I feel like I'm pushing its boundaries already! At least your testing hasn't shown that adding such "additionalType'"s has a negative impact. As such, I think I'll go ahead and experiment, until something becomes officially available to use.