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Street name not accurate in maps, KP

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My Google My Business dashboard correctly lists the address of Royal Green Tree Service as 275 South Rd. Kensington, NH 03833.

However, both maps and the KP show the address as 275 S Rd.

In Map Maker a search for the business name showed the correct address but a search for 275 South Rd. returned 275 S Rd.

I tried to edit the name from S to South but wasn't able to. So I deleted S Rd. and then went to the map maker forum to explain and seek help.

Then I got a comment on my edit from Andrew telling me to undo my edit because Google is abbreviating the street name from South to S. I checked around the U.S. and couldn't find any other North or South roads or streets that are abbreviated.

My question and concern have to do with Google associating all my citations correctly. I would prefer to not be at even the slightest disadvantage.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Street name not accurate in maps, KP

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Hi Bruce,
This is a bug that has been going on for a few years now that Google never fixes.
It first was found on roads in Australia.
I do not think it is going to affect your ranking because it is a display issue, because of this abbreviation for roads with cardinal names, Your Local listing has the full name and the road is geocoded with the full name as well.

I will send a report through Maps to ask for the correction of this inappropriate abbreviation but I do not know if anything would come out of it.
In the Australian case it took months before it was fixed.

treebles, Google My Business Top Contributor

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December 2015

Re: Street name not accurate in maps, KP

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Thanks Treebles,
I can see in Map Maker where Andrew made some type of edit so that now a search for 275 South Rd. shows the street with the name showing as South rather than S. (but without the satellite imagery that was there before) In the left panel it still shows as 275 S Rd. I'm hoping it's just a case of whatever he did needs time to work itself out.
As far as ranking I thought NAP consistency was pretty important--no? I just checked. I have 21 citations based on that address which include a bunch of plus URL's as well as what looks like foreign Yelp listings.
Google support just called in response to my request earlier this morning. He was able to fix the issue so that the correct address shows on both Maps and the KP. Time will tell.

Thanks for all you do in here.

Re: Street name not accurate in maps, KP

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Hi Treebles,
I mistakenly marked my reply as the best answer. Sorry. Yours was obviously best.