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Street View Shows of Business shows street view of incorrect address

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Hi, I've set up Google My Business Account for the "Whitebridge Wellness Centre & Uniting Church".  When doing a search this is what i see:


The location of the Centre is 139 Dudley Rd.  When clicking on the "Street View" image on the lower left it goes to a completely different location!  It goes to 26 Milson St, Charlestown.  This is also happens to be a Uniting Church ... but in a different locality.

Can I either turn street view off or get it corrected?




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June 2016

Re: Street View Shows of Business shows street view of incorrect address

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bottom of GMaps is a link "Send Feedback" use this to report the inappropriate SV imagery.

As this SV phot is alos attached as "see outside" to your business listing I would also contact Business support to get this image removed from your Knowledge Graph as "see outside" as it is inappropriate:

The best way to contact business support:
contactflow & request a call back
Talk to a specialist
Global Phone Support Hours:
You can request in many (maybe not all though) countries a call back of experts of business support by phone. This should be possible on official working days and during their the day time only - try it from 9 or 10 AM until 5 or 6 PM
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