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Star rating doesnt show under company name

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Hi there


We have 5/ 6 Google reviews over the last few months but they are not showing underneath our listing (in maps) or beside our name in Google search? We are trying to promote Google reviews but there doesn't seem to be much point if users can't immediately see we have 5 stars. As an aside, I do see that your Facebook star rating shows up beside our name in Google search.

Company name is Eirim The National Assesment Agency Ltd,, Dublin, Ireland,

Thanks so much


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Star rating doesnt show under company name

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Good news for you. It does show up as 5 stars when you go to the link you posted above. It shows 5 stars 5 reviews. You may have to delete the browser cache (go to history in the top left 3 dots in your browser) or use an incognito window so that your own browser history does not carry over. In search, I get 5 stars and 14 votes on the name. I am searching from the US. Please clarify for me if I did not explain clearly. The speed reviews show up depends can vary based on a number of factors.  Here is a great link by Mike Blumenthal on one of his sites that will explain some of what can happen to create a delay in the view.

David W Cox, Google My Business Rising Star
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Re: Star rating doesnt show under company name

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Hey David - thank you for taking the time to reply. It still doesn't show
up on my computer when I clear the cache and use Incognito. The 5 stars
you see from the 14 reviews you mention are from Facebook (not from
Google), which show up beside us on the left hadn side of the page in the
search results. However, we do have 5 x 5 star reviews from Google but they
don't show in the business listing (the one which comes up on the right of
the page along with all of our map details and link to website).

I have also noticed that the photos that pop up too are not the ones that I
have selected as the cover photos. They photos displayed are pretty grim
ones of the front of our red brick building?

Any ideas?


*Rebecca Good*

Senior Educational Psychologist

*Éirim: The National Assessment Agency Limited*

16 Greenmount House

Harolds Cross

Dublin 6W


+353 (1) 4992217

+44 (0)28 93438691

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Like us on Facebook /Eirim.Ltd

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*4992217**, e-mail: *** * and then delete it
from your system.*
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Star rating doesnt show under company name

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I now see what you mean on the two different views and reviews showing up when I search on your company name. It may well be a factor of time and number of reviews I have a listing with 18 reviews that have been posted for some time and they show up in both views. Left or right so as they verify and trust the reviews more it will show up more


Regarding the "cover picture" Google asks for one but does not give you control. There is a google quides program where members like myself take pictures and post them. What i have found it Google selects a picture of the front entrance to show in that place and they select from what is available. So try on a sunny day taking a picture that shows, the ground, a sunny sky and the main entrance to the building. Make is as sharp and clear as you can. Then post that as one of your pictures and or cover picture also and see what happens. I think it may go to a top position in the listing. Here is an example listing and in other times they show an interior shot even though there are many outside shots. With enough pictures, they show the user a choice like you have of seeing inside or out. Especially when there are a lot of pictures. This IKEA listing in the search result has a really bad front of the entrance shot, but that is what google shows.

David W Cox, Google My Business Rising Star
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