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Sitelink has GET variables appended

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My website's sitelinks include a link that is the same as root, however has GET variables appended, so appears as the home URL plus ?token=xxxxxxxx&...... 


How has this came to be, and is there a way I can prevent this from occurring?




Sitelink has GET variables appended

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Hi Ed,


It would be useful if I could have the name of your business or a Google Search url so I can see the issue.


At the same time, I'd look at your website's URL structures and link structures. Are you including variables within the URLs when users click from page to page within your site? You can also probably fix this by setting canonical URLs within each page using:


<link rel="canonical" href="">


I'm going to guess that the pages in question, that are being used as sitelinks, do not have canonical URLs being set in the <head>


Best, David