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Serious data issue regarding my local listing

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Honestly I'm having no luck with Google support on the sub-continent regarding this one. They keep downplaying my issue through the email and phone system support so I thought i would come here and show you just how messed up this data issue is.


Ok firstly, I've been using Google local/GMB for around 6 years and have validated, optimised countless listings. But I've never seen anything like this before.


The business is called "West Coast Institute", located in Perth, Western Australia which I'm a manager of. It's a college/training centre. When you search for "West Coast Institute", "West Coast Institute Perth", "West Coast Institute Australia", guess what appears? A local martial arts school listing from CALIFORNIA, USA with a similar name! How can this happen on, when my physical presence is in Perth, WA, and I'm using local search terms?


Not only that, this California local listing on the right side of SERPS, which is meant to be showing an image/logo from the Google My Business dashboard, is instead showing a HOTLINKED image from the West Coast Institute website! Tell me that's illegal when this image should ONLY be a internally stored image from Google's own servers? As if the terrible user experience itself wasn't enough here.


Historically the West Coast Institute local biz page has been fine for over 12 months - verified, optimised and showing up correctly without problem. But this issue cropped up about 4 weeks ago which is causing major confusion.


Can I please get a response from a Google tech/expert??





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Re: Serious data issue regarding my local listing

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Hi Daniel
I'm not a Googler, but will pass this onto someone who might be able to pass it up to G for attention.
Yes, this is seriously borked. 
But, the local page itself is okay (
- the problem is in the Knowledge Graph display, and somewhat in maps.  
Maps recognises WCI at the address, but when searching in maps, it def takes you to the martial arts centre. So thinking about this further, it probably is a maps issue, and no idea why the US site is getting so much more emphasis than something local to you.
I was able in maps to bring up WCI, but had to put in either street address + city + state, or WCI + specific suburb + state.  
With the image in the corner though, I'm not convinced the image is hot linked. If you click it, it goes to google's servers, and that server image then points to your site. But, it's also not supposed to display that way.
Something's glitchy.
Will pass on for you now.

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Re: Serious data issue regarding my local listing

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Hi @Daniel D


Yep these things happen all the time.


Will escalate

Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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